New Layout?

Name: Kaitlyn | Date: March 29th • 2020 | Watching: Greys Anatomy

Hello everyone, just stopping in to update you all. I hope everyone is doing alright, and that everyone is staying safe and. My family and I are doing well, I'm on day fourteen of staying at home. I've only left the house once in that time to for a walk. Iv'e started a few projects to keep myself busy. I'm building a personal blog as well has have done some updates on this site. I'm currently in the middle of working on a new layout. I was going to do a massaive update, but the layout was taking way to long to code, and I realized easter is two weeks away! Anyways hope you enjoy the updates! Please feel free to leave suggestions in the c-box!

It's a Girl!

Name: Kaitlyn | Date: March 6th • 2020 | Watching: Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

It's a girl! We welcomed our little miss Kallie Jade to our family on February 15th at 3:58am. I ended up getting induced 2 weeks early as I was at risk for preeclampsia. It has been a really big adjustment but we couldn't be more happy! We are finally in a good route that I'm able to have a little down time to myself, so here I am. I was in the middle of working on Valentines Day content, before I got the news that I was being induced. As you can see those never made it up on the website, so hopefully next year. I'll be revamping some old St.Patricks Day and Easter content right now, so that will hopefully be up sometime within the next week.

& I go back to December all the time

Name: Kaitlyn | Date: November 26th • 2019 | Watching: 9-1-1

I wanted to get these updates way way sooner then this. I think I started them in the middle of October, and I'm now just fishing them all up now. Most of these tutorials are from my old site everaft3r. There will be winter/christmas updates coming up next. I don't think it will be much. I have a few tutorials in mind that are winter/christmas related so keep a look out! Feel free to leave me suggestions in the c-box and I'll see if I can make it happen! Take to you soon! I wanted to update way way sooner then this. I probably started on these on October 17th and I'm just finishing it now. I totally didn't think all those old tutorials would take up so much time to revamp them.

Happy Fall Ya'll

Name: Kaitlyn | Date: October 2nd • 2019 | Watching: Gossip Girl

It's that time of year again! Leaves are changing, weather is getting cooler and all the fall festivities are under way. I am headed to a corn maze this weekend and then probably carve a pumpkin closer to the end of the month, is usually all I do this time of year. I have added some Halloween and Fall content (mostly Halloween) as well as a temporary "fall" layout. I didn't get much time to update as much as I wanted, but I'm hoping I will get the chance closer to the end of the month to get those started. I will be working on a bunch of tutorials, and adding a bunch from my older sites (pinkwish, everaft3r)so if you have any suggestions please leave in the comment box. As always enjoy the updates, and Happy Thankgiving (to my fellow Canadian veiwers) and have a spooky Halloween!

Grand Opening

Name: Kaitlyn | Date: September 19th • 2019 | Watching: Five Year Engagement

Welcome to the grand opening of Pink Lush I have added a ton of new content(at least I think most of it is brand new as I used this for an old site that I never opened) I've also found some old stuff from older sites that I will revamp and add here. On the other note, I hope everyone is doing well. I have been out of the site world for almost two years. So much has happend in such a short amount of time. My husband and I bought our first place in Decemeber of 2017 (this is one of the main reason I disappeared, we got so busy with moving and small renovations I never had time to work on my site.) A couple months later we brought new addtion home. Our dog Odin, (chihuahua, pug, papillon cross) However he is more chihuahua then anything. Lastly my husband and I found out that we are expecting another little one come February 2020, so I'm sure we will be super busy for that as well! On the side note I hope you all look forward to what is to come on my webiste!